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Wedding Dress Trends For 2016

If you are looking to get married this summer, you should be heading to bridal stores and shopping for a gown now. It can take months to order and fit a dress. However, if you don't have a clue what you are looking for in a wedding dress, you may be hesitant to shop for one just yet. Looking through bridal magazines can give you an idea as to what types of dresses appeal to you, but they may not always have the trendiest, most modern dresses. If you want a dress that is trendy and on-point for your nuptials, here are some popular 2016 wedding dress trends to look into.

Watercolor Print Dresses

Most traditional wedding dresses are white, cream or ivory in color. However, not all brides are looking for traditional dresses. Blush and pink dresses became popular a few years back, and pastel colored dresses, like sky blue, lavender and mint green were on trend last year. This year, brides looking for something non-traditional are still turning to subtle color, but with a bit of a twist. Watercolor print dresses are expected to be popular this year. A watercolor print dress starts lighter at the top and gradually develops a darker color toward the bottom. However, instead of the bottom being completely solid, it has a watercolor-like wash to it. It may be streaky and the color appears a bit more subdued. This may include a blush top that gradually fades into a deeper pink as it nears the bottom of the dress, or something more bold like a gray top that develops into an washed-out black towards the bottom portion of the dress. If you are looking for something colorful and different, yet still classy and elegant, a watercolor print bridal gown may be ideal for you.

Belly-Baring Two Piece Dresses

Taylor Swift recently made headlines with both of her belly-baring two piece Grammy dress and her after-party dress. These top and skirt combos are expected to be extremely popular this summer. However, in addition to two piece dresses being popular attire, they are also expected to be popular in the bridal gown world. While you may not see a bandeau top on a bride, you can expect to see an elegant crop top paired with a fuller skirt. The fuller skirt still has a traditional bridal feel to it, while the top takes on a modern, edgy bridal look. If you have a toned and fit belly, and are looking to show it off before you slip into your bikini on your honeymoon, this may be the perfect wedding dress style for you.

Sheer Paneling

The last trend that is expected to be big in wedding dresses in 2016 is sheer paneling. Sheer paneling can be accomplished by mixing full coverage fabrics, like satin, silk, taffeta, rayon and polyester with sheer or see-thru fabrics, such as tulle, lace, chiffon and gossamer mesh. The paneling can be placed anywhere on the dress to showcase any part of the body you want to accentuate. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, used lace to create sleeves and show off her shoulders. However, many brides having less traditional weddings are placing the sheer paneling along the backs of the dress, along the stomach region, or in place of slits along the leg line. Sheer paneling allows you to showcase your body while still looking classy and stylish.

When you get married, you want to find the perfect dress. You want it to showcase who you are a person yet still fit in with your venue. If you are modern and trendy, you may wish to skip a traditional gown in favor of something that is more stylish. Learning about wedding dress trends will help you hone in on the trends that most appeal to you and hopefully help you find the dress of your dreams. Visit a bridal store such as Bridal Elegance to get started.